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Simple, secure, serverless comms for your team

Real-Time Team Communications

EchoPTT is capable of operating in a variety of complex network environments with military-grade security and a unique, server-less method of configuration distribution and operation.


Easy to use


AES256 encryption and VPN Support


No server infrastructure

With support for a variety of standards-based technologies and a wide range of configuration options, EchoPTT quickly and easily operates with your existing PTT solutions – helping preserve the investment you’ve already made.

EchoPTT is perfect for the most complex of networking and security environments. Even going so far as to be fully operable in exotic configurations such as infrastructure-enforced unidirectional networks (aka “data diodes”).

We’ve ensured that your EchoPTT solution is true end-to-end encrypted using nothing less than AES256 technology. Furthermore, we require mutual authentication using standard or customer-issued X.509 certificates.

In addition, EchoPTT not only preserves COMSEC between nodes on private networks, but does so too with an extra layer of many-to-many TRANSEC encryption when traversing high-threat or public networks.

EchoPTT Map
EchoPTT Single Channel Receive Secure

Next Generation

Use EchoPTT in single-group view, or multi-group view where up to 4 groups are present on the screen at once. Talk with one, all or selected groups.

EchoPTT is perfectly suited to the demanding needs of an ever-changing environment.

Request an EchoPTT Trial

Our team can provide a demo mission package for selected clients to try EchoPTT before you buy.
Contact our team to discuss testing options.

EchoPTT Multi Channel View
EchoPTT Single Channel Transmit Clear
EchoPTT Team Location Map
EchoPTT Single Channel Receive Secure
EchoPTT Share Mission Settings
EchoPTT Settings


EchoPTT can operate without servers any other infrastructure. Simple, secure, server-less communications for your tactical team. We’ve made EchoPTT as easy to use as possible so you can focus on what’s really important.

What is EchoPTT?

EchoPTT is a communications solution designed for your tactical team. Fundamentally, it is a Voice-over-IP (VoIP) application that operates in IP multicast environments – meaning there’s no server required, in a unicast environment (where a routing connection is required), or a mixed-mode environment where EchoPTT nodes operate as bridges between the local multicast network and routers.

Can it interoperate with existing systems?

Yes. EchoPTT has been very specifically designed to use industry standard protocols such as RTP and support a wide range of media codecs to interoperate with the products and solutions you already have. In other words, EchoPTT serves to extend, rather than replace, the functionality of what you already have and the investment you’ve already made.

Does it run in the background?

Yes. EchoPTT will continue to receive audio on the groups you’ve joined even while you have another application in the foreground. In fact, you can even close EchoPTT and still receive audio. To transmit on a group, all you need to do is switch back to the EchoPTT app and you’re in business.

How do I configure EchoPTT?

Configuration is a simple task of creating what we call a “mission” and then sharing the parameters of that mission. The mission, itself, consists of a unique name, the team that’s engaged in that mission, and the groups/talk groups, available to members of the team. Each of these groups have a set of parameters including IP multicast address, encryption key, and some other details.

Does EchoPTT work on VPNs?

It most certainly does. We’ve tested on a bunch of VPN solutions and have, so far, not come across a VPN that EchoPTT cannot work on. If your VPN supports IP multicast, you’re all set.

Is it secure?

Yes. EchoPTT uses industry-standard AES256 to encrypt all communications between nodes.

Who can use EchoPTT?

Anyone in your organization who has a need to communicate with groups of people can use EchoPTT. All you need is a device capable of running the software, install it, get configured, and go!

What accessories does it support?

EchoPTT works with pretty much any audio accessory your device supports such as wired and wireless headsets. We’ve also had requests to support external Push-To-Talk hardware buttons on the Android device itself as well as external PTT button accessories. Contact us at and let’s chat about what devices you want supported and how we can work with you and your vendor to make that happen.

How do I share mission parameters?

Once you’ve setup the parameters of the mission simply click the “Share” option to generate a QR code (a barcode). Other team members then scan that QR code from their devices and they’re immediately part of the mission.

How do I get my hands on EchoPTT?

Contact us at and we’ll get you going.


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